Hệ thống ERP cho Vinamilk

Khách hàng: Vinamilk
Mô tả: Top 10 thương hiệu được yêu thích tại Việt Nam (Nielsen Singapore 2010)
Giải pháp: Hệ thống ERP
Ngành: Sản xuất
Phạm vi và quy mô của dự án: 24 địa điểm trên cả nước và hơn 500 người sử dụng

  • Challenges

    Through an ERP system, Vinamilk seeks to upgrade and perfect its current management system, deploy additional management reporting systems and improve control capability.

  • Solutions

    FPT IS enables Vinamilk to upgrade its current Oracle ERP system from R11 to the new version, R12. The project is divided into 2 phases and provides Vinamilk with modules including the Oracle EBS system, the Data analysis system, the Planning system, and Budget management and consolidated reporting (Hyperion). 

  • Benefits

    The system allows Vinamilk’s distribution network nationwide to communicate with the centre in both online and offline situations. The system fulfils Vinamilk’s expanding requirements and enabled the company to be up to date with advanced technology. Centralized information helps Vinamilk make timely decisions and supports accurate planning.