Hệ thống thông tin ngân hàng cho VietinBank

Khách hàng: Ngân hàng Thương mại Cổ phần Công thương Việt Nam (VietinBank)
Mô tả: Một trong bốn ngân hàng thương mại quốc doanh lớn nhất của Việt Nam
Giải pháp: Hệ thống thông tin Ngân hàng
Ngành: Ngân hàng & Tài chính
Phạm vi và quy mô của dự án: Trụ sở chính và 144 chi nhánh trên toàn quốc

  • Challenges

    The significant growth in the scale of the business had led to a number of challenges for VietinBank:

    • Higher risk of errors resulting from the rise in the number of transactions and complicated financial accounting transactions performed
    • Inefficiency in human resource management due to large number of employees and unsystematic resource allocation
    • Inefficient decision making due to the time-consuming process of generating and gathering reports from separate systems

  • Solutions

    The ERP system implemented by FPT IS for VietinBank is integrated and packaged into processes, functions and management tools that meet specific requirements of the Banking sector to manage internal finances, human resources and payrolls and enhance banking finance and reporting.  

  • Benefits

    The implementation of ERP has enabled the internal accounting management of the Bank to be computerized and centralized, giving them: a complete system for business reporting, control and management; standardized internal accounting processes; useful management tools for budget development and management, procurement management and centralization of export-import inventory.